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Marine ICT

Marine information and communication technology (ICT) is important emerging services sector of blue economy from the perspective of its applicability to all other sectors and sub-sectors of blue economy. Faster computing and digital revolution has made ICT applications a necessity in all productive activities including natural resources. Marine resources pose tremendous challenges as their stock and use occurs along with a simultaneous process of production, consumption and regeneration. These issues could probably resolved better through use of ICT. The scope for applications of ICT in marine sector is widening day-by-day. In the blue economy framework, it may expand further depending upon the emphasis given to ocean data recording, analysis and simulations. Moreover, Goal 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals highlights the role of ICT in ocean conservation and sustainability. The range of applications of web-GIS technologies for real time ocean data indicate the potential of marine ICT as an emerging sector of blue economy. Typically, ICT is used for satellite monitoring, analysis of big data for biodiversity, pollution, weather pattern, ecosystem evolution, fishing zone advisory services, ocean state forecast, storm surges, cyclones, monsoon variability, tsunami, R&D services including validation of satellite sensors, parameterization of key processes for models and verification of model simulations