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Wave Energy

Power drawn from waves occurs when wind blows across the sea surface and water act as carrier for the energy by using wave energy converters. The quantity of energy generated varies with height and the time gap between successive peaks. Energy drawn from waves is considered to be the most promising energy as it is less variable in comparison to other sources of energy like wind and solar. Generally, western coast of the continents and extreme latitude are the places where best wave energy is found. There are many different technologies presented globally to capture energy from waves. The most well-known example of this kind of technology is Pelamis, where there is long series of cylindrical floating devices connected to each other with hinges and anchored to the seabed. Wave energy is the least mature energy among the offshore ocean energy technologies. Globally, there is no consensus over any design for wave energy technology as it is still in testing phase. Wave energy technology has higher potential than tidal energy.