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Salinity Power

Saline Power is the energy created from salt concentration between fresh and salt water places where the river flows into the ocean (river mouths). The energy density from saline gradient can be measured as osmotic pressure between two saline solutions. The global estimation of the saline gradient energy is 3.1 TW, where Asia has the highest potential, followed by South America and North America. The projected cost for standalone installation for the year 2020 ranges from EUR 0.09/kWh to EUR 0.28/kWh for producing energy from saline gradient (IRENA). Reversed electro dialysis (RED) and pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) is among the two technologies identified for converting power. PRO is often called osmotic power. PRO creates power by utilizing the difference in the pressure of salt water and fresh water. Seawater is pumped into a pressure exchanger and freshwater flows through a semi-permeable membrane towards the sea water, which increases the pressure within the chamber, followed by spinning the turbine and hence generating electricity. On the other hand, in RED, ions (salt) are transported through the membrane, which essentially creates a salt battery